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N. hurrellii

I managed to get some info on N. hurrellii.
Portions of my email from Rob Cantley...

"N. hurrellii is very much like N. veitchii in some ways but with a wider
peristome and usually red/yellow striped peristome, not the golden color of
N. veitchii. It was mistaken for many years as N. veitchii, but some
taxonomist decided it was different enough to be a distinct species and
named it after some guy called Andy Hurrell."

Many thanks for the info Tony! Do you have any idea what other distinct features exist between N. hurrellii and N. veitchii? - Taxonomists usually don't divide species based on colour features, because they can't be seen on the type sheets...

Sorry that is all the info I have on it. I don't know where the description was published to even read it and see.

I would not be surprised if some of the veitchii in cultivation are really this species. It sounds like it is very hard to tell them apart if Rob Cantley found it 15 years ago and simply thought they were just a large colorful veitchii.
I always thought it a bit strange that both lowland and highland forms of veitchii are found . maybe this new sp. is one of these forms , hopefully lowland , so I can grow it .
Could this change the parantage of some judith finn