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N. hamata

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I've got a magic window!
This auction is for a desktop picture of Nepenthes hamata.
The Resolution of 800 x 600 and in JPG format.
This will be done as a dutch auction...everyone who bids gets one for $2.
This auction is open to everyone as the desktop wall paper will be sent through email.

Sorry to get you all excited.

Jeeze Louise Steve, at least you could have taken a horizontal shot so it would fill up the screen.  

Let's see, we've got pearlwort, nothing, and a vertical desktop wallpaper that we're all bidding on now.
Editing to add that I forgot to note that we are also all now bidding on either saving a skink or feeding the sking to a snake.

I see no reason not to bid $2. Couldya at least streeeeeetch it out a little bit?
El-hamata-o...is this like a dutch auction where every pays the same price? Or do people up the bids and the high bidder is the only one who gets it?
I was just thinking of that today at work.
I'll be PMing you.
This will be done as a dutch auction...everyone who bids gets one for $2.
I'll bid! $2 it is. Its for a good cause folks! Dollars add up.
Payment has been recieved by LauraZ5 for $2.
Payment has been recieved Plantakiss for $2.
I have received my wallpaper. Thanks Steve!
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I'm going to have to open this topic until Laura gets her wallpaper.
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Oops...sorry 'bout that. I thought it had been sent.
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Ooops, so sorry. Moments after it was posted that all of my payments had been received I had an e-mail in which Steve sent me my wallpaper.  Thanks Steve!
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Both transactions are complete.
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