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N. hamata ex tc

Dear all:

I just got an N. hamata, but the plant has come out of TC not more than 3-4 weeks ago. How do I make sure this plant survives. it is about 3-4 cm in diameter. Still very much green and very soft leaves. Summer is coming here in Oz and I don't want to lose it. Right now it is growing in a clay pot with some sort of peat moss mixture and it is under a plastic dome. Day temps vary from 75-85 F during the day to 68-51 F at night. it is growing under very high humidity and good sunlight. Any pointers will be very much appreciated. If anybody has experience growing Neps straight out of TC, please share it with me. Thanks

Hi Gus,
When I got my N. hamata it too was just out of TC and was about half an inch across

I just potted it up in my usual mix of LFS and clay pellets and placed it a bright but not too sunny part of my greenhouse. It gets an average of 50/60% of humidity and has grown on nicely. Recently I have moved it to the floor of my greenhouse where it gets less light and the pitchers have started to increase in size. The average temp in the house during the day this summer has been 100/120f!! And even the N.villosa is not grumbling


I have never pulled a highland out of TC but I have been working with a N. pervillei from TC and it seems to be makeing the transition fine. I recommend you make sure that all TC media is off the roots and then treat it like you normally would, perhaps a little extra humidity.
Dear Fly-catchers and Pyro:

Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks

Pyro: I have always been curious about N. pervillei. An old thread from this forum mentioned the fact that this plant likes a constant temperature 70-75 F. so it is more of a lowland. what are your temps for pervillei??

I was able to talk to two long time N. pervillei growers and was told that this plant is practically an ultra-lowlander. It like it real hot with somewhat drier conditions. I have mine in my sunporch currently. During the heat of summer temps were 35C day/25C night and currently with the onset of winter temps are 27C day/15C night

I have added some info to my old pervillei post ant it should be near the top of the list. Hope it is of interest to you