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N. glabrata

Well, does anyone grow this little guy?
I had an N glabrata plant once, and from my experiece it appears to be a strict highland plant that isn't tolerant of intermediate temperatures. I traded my plant away because I wasn't able to lower the temperature at night enough.

N. glabrata figures prominently on my "want" list!

I've been growing this species for a number of years, and have several different clones. It is a very pretty plant, with upper and lower pitchers both quite attractive. However, as others have alluded, it does really require cool nights to grow well. Its leaves remain fairly small, but vines can become quite long. In fact, some of mine have exceeded five feet in length at times. Basal shoots are common, but dormant nodes will sometimes sprout several inches up the vine. Cuttings will strike, but do seem prone to rot if conditions are at all inhospitable for this species.
It can be a good terrarium candidate, given that it is provided with cool nocturnal conditions.
I grow N. glabrata outdoors with my other Neps. The only person I'm aware of that was selling this plant was Wistuba from Germany. I bought one directly from him, then a couple from Cook's who got his from Wistuba. So they are fairly hard to come by right now. They arrive small and look like little trees. The leaves are straplike and thin. I've had no trouble with them. They're not exceedingly fast growers but they have produced small colorful pitchers. I agree that when I first saw photos of this plant, I wanted one. They are cool! If you want you can go to my site and check out the plant under the species / photos section. Talk to ya later!
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