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N eymae

Hello all

I've had my N eymae plant from andreas wistuba for close to a year now, i think, in a terrarium, and I'd like to know how people around here grow them. Mine gets a slight temperature drop during the night to around 68F from around 80- 85 F during the day and gets 14 hrs of flourescent light. Considering how little I actually fiddle around with it, I think it's growing well. I'd like to grow it outside with my other neps, so if anyone here has any experience with this plant in warmer temperatures please let me know. Thanks.




I grow mine as a highland about 58F at night and 75F day at 80% humidity. I will try to take some photos tomorrow.

Looks nice!

I grow mine with the other highlanders with temp drops to 50-60*F. I don't know how warm N. eymae can take it. Flora Malesiana says that it was collected at sites in Sulawesi at 1500m and 1850m. Which is within the lower altitudes of N. lowii and N. rajah. While not the same plants or from the same locations I simply assume roughly the same temperature ranges based on altitude.

You say you've had yours around a year, how big around was it when you got it and how big is it now?
How big are those pitchers?
How much light is yours getting?

Likely the main problem with relocating a nep to brighter conditions in real sun is acclimation and making sure the humidity is high enough. Humidity will ensure that the leaves don't burn up-especially the old terrarium grown leaves and pitchers which are usually very soft and can fry like eggs in just a few hours!
Hi josh

I think it's just amazing that the N eymae plant is growing at all! I had an N glabrata in the same terrarium, and when I stopped cooling at night with bottles of ice it just stopped growing. I eventually traded that plant away, and I ended up with a red N sanguinea plant acompanying the N eymae in the terrarium. I don't remeber exactly when I recieved the N eymae but the oldest leaves that haven't died measure a total of 4.5 inches diameter. The plant now is easily 10 inches diameter now and the newest pitcher, which hasn't completely opened yet, measures 3 inches long. I don't really know the humidity that it recieves since I don't have any way to measure it at the moment but I think it fluctuates a little since I leave the lid open when the A/C is on at night. Both the N sanguinea and the N eymae have 2 florescent lightbulbs over them that are on 14 hrs/day.

and just for fun here's a picture of my lory petronius!

The opening of the lid and A/C will drop your humidity more than a little, this will make a large drop in humidity but it looks as this plant has adjusted to it. How is the N. sanguinea doing?

Growth would likely be much faster, pitchers larger and more colorful if you could add 2-4 more bulbs over the terrarium it grows in.

That's an interesting little bird, do they stay that tiny size?
Both plants in the terrarium are doing well and have good coloration. They aren't fast growers, but then again I haven't invested much in my setup. I might get more lights for the terrarium though, or maybe try to keep them outside for a few weeks to see how they do.

The lory in the picture is an Edward's lory very fun birds to have, although mine doesn't say much. They grow to the size in the picture, but the neck can extend a few inches longer. They aren't cheap... i believe that petro cost my dad something like $500, and that was when he was smaller.

I'm still interested in hearing how other people grow their N eymae plants.

$500 is alot but not for an exotic bird. My uncle paid a huge amount for two scarlet macaws, I believe something like $2500 each. Then his wife made him give em back anyway cos they were too loud!

They were cool birds though!