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N. dominii

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Does anyone have a picture of it?
bringing back the dead because I want to know the same and also how is this plant?

its a cross of rafflensiana and gracilis right?
There's some confusion concerning this hybrid. True dominii is gracilis x rafflesiana, and it was used frequently in making hybrids in the late 1800's. There are some plants around that are called dominii that are actually N. intermedia, which seems to be N. hirsuta x rafflesiana. The two crosses do not look alike, but I've seen dominii named as a parent when intermedia was actually used. Again, both of these hybrids are kinda hard to find now, as they are somewhat neglected, which is too bad.

e-bay auction!

Well, here is an e-bay auction with a pic...has the parents listed correctly, at least.
...and it's true dominii
There appears to be some confusion in the ICPS database if the foregoing discussion is correct. Here is what the database states:
N: ~[Nepenthes * dominii {Hort.Veitch ex Mast.}]sphalm.typogr.
P: Gard.Chron.1872:360 (1872)
CN: [Nepenthes * dominiana {Veitch}]
S: =[[Nepenthes rafflesiana {Jack}] * [Nepenthes hirsuta {Hook.f.}]]
C: later synonym of [Nepenthes * dominiana {Veitch}]

Where do you find that the true dominii is gracilis x rafflesiana?
My source is an old Julius Roehr's Nursery catalog. Many of their plants are pictured in the older editions of Exotica. Not everything pictured is labelled correctly, but dominii and intermedia are two that seem to be correctly, even if parentage may be dubious.

hmm, now I'm just more confused!!!

Hmm neps on ebay, I always forget to check !!! so is that a real one? I'm confused on the parentage now... but that picture is of a beatiful plant I wouldn't mind groing tha.....
Actually, the no one really knows the true parentage of dominii, dominiana or intermedia. We can only take educated guesses based on what these plants look like.
Dominii was originally made by John Dominy in 1858, and officially named in 1862. In 1862, N. hirsuta had not even been described yet. It was first described by Hooker in 1873.
However, the Veitch and Son catalog in the 1890's describes dominii as a hybrid of N. rafflesiana x "an unknown Bornean species". The illustration shows a plant that looks just like what you would expect from a hybrid of raff x gracilis. The later hybrid, N. intermedia was made in the late 1870's, also from an unknown Bornean species, and it looks like N. raff x N. hirsuta. I have personally seen two different clones of intermedia, and they do not look like the illustrations and photos I've seen of N. dominii, even though some of the older literature refers to N. dominii and N. intermedia as the same thing. I beg to differ. As far as myself and several other Nepenthes growers are concerned, the 'true' N. dominii would be a remake of John Dominy's 1862 hybrid, which most likely used a N. gracilis. There is no doubt to myself that Dominii (or dominiana: the same thing) and N. intermedia are two different hybrids. Even though Dean Cook's plant is most likely a remake, it looks like the illustration of John Dominy's original cross.