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N bellii x robcantleyi Problem

Hi recently my Nepenthes bellii x robcantleyi appears to have some sort of problem. Its new growth on the last couple of leaves has begun to become stunted and the two newest leaves haven't really developed properly. There is like a brown rust like colouration on the new leaves and near the base of these leaves, i was wondering if it was some sort of disease or something like that. It was growing really well putting out new leaves quite frequently and now it has really started to slow down, it also hasn't really been developing any pitchers, like that pitcher in the photo is the only one it has on it i don't know if that is because it has been putting so much energy into creating new leaves or what. Any help or information on what the problem could be and how i would treat it would be very much appreciated, Thanks. Also i think one of my other nepenthes may have some form of scale, what could i do about this?


Please excuse the eaten leaf, a grasshopper got to it!
Looks more like a fungal infection than anything to me, but it could perhaps be a side effect of thrips. Use Neem oil or a systemic to get rid of them, Neem will also help with surface fungi but a systemic like propiconazole would be needed for an internal infection. For scale, isolate the plant and use a systemic on it.