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N. aristolochioides

Currently, I have a male N. aristolochioides in flower, and am looking for receptive females.
Ideally, I'd like to find at least one female N. aristolochioides, but would also like to create
some interesting hybrids. Therefore, if anyone has female plants currently in flower, please
contact me. The amount of pollen I have is limited, so priority will be given to really unusual
highland plants, Please email me directly at neps@plantswithattitude.com
My terms are that I receive half of any seeds produced with pollen I supply.
Jeff how old/large is that plant? Do you have any photos?
The specimen currently in flower is in excess of 60 cm in length. It is approximately four
years old.

I will likely take some photos of the flowers and pitchers sometime soon and will post them
on my site Plants with Attitude. This
may take a few days, or even weeks, however.