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N. amp

How long does it take for a N. Amp to get out of a shipping shock. And how many pitchers does it make a month estimate. Thanx--Phil
I have the plain green variety of N. ampullaria and it grows at a steady pace (slower than N. bical for me which is a new leaf every 3-4 weeks and open and functional pitcher every 4-5 weeks). It took a few months to settle in, but you see mine arrived with a bad fungus infection as a free bonus gift (hardly an infection that could have happed while it was enroute to me by 2 day mail) so mine was likely in worse shape than yours is (at least I hope so ).

I have my amp in ultra lowland conditions of 90-95*Fday/70-75*night and less than 12" from 240 watts of flourescent lights. For me N.amp seems to grow faster with a 1/2" or so of water in a tray under it's pot. I do let the pot dry up before filling it again, and I do flush the pot with all the others so the soil doesn't stagnate. If you don't wanna set it in water just water it once or twice a week as they do seem to like a wet soil.

Hope that helps some!
No thank God my amp isn't in any damage but when well it start to pitcher and make leafs again. I have it in 85% humidity and the temps are 85*F in the GH.
I'd give it another month or so. Patience is Key.

For some reason my last response to this was deleted or something (I swear I didn't use any profanity
). It will take anywhere from two weeks to two months on average to settle a new Nep.

Some Neps don't seem to mind the shipping process and then others do almost nothing for ages, my N. lowii for example did almost nothing for six months or more now It's growing and producing ptchers but very slowly.

There is no definitive answer as to when your plant will resume active growth. So long as your growing tip does not blacken or the base turns mushy where the stalks comes from the soil your plant is just recovering.
I know. I got a N. Ventricosa from a local nursery about a month ago that still hasn't resumed new growth. But a N. x 'Effulgent Koto' I got off of ebay wasn't even phased by 45*F weather.
Wow a N. x 'Effulgent Koto' of ebay I always look at nepenthes on Ebay and a N. x 'Effulgent Koto' I never sen. How much was it and whatsize are the pitcher leaf span etc.
It was only $17. It is 1.5' wide, 2' tall, and just produced a 6" tall upper pitcher.

EDIT: I once saw a multigrowth point N. Sanguinea in a 2' wide hanging basket for $22. I didn't have the $$$ or the space for it.