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N. alata



My hairy form of N. alata is growing pretty slow, and isn't pitchering. The humidity in my windowsill stays around the fifties, but its is getting pretty cool. What am I doing wrong?Is this form more of a highland or a lowland?
Could very well be a lowland. The humidity should be raised to the 60's at a minimum I'd say. Try raising humidity and temps a bit.
Okay. I just found some info on this alata form. Well, all I could find, was that all the hairy forms I saw are highlanders. So why is it not thriving. Guess it's a bit of a humidity lover (55 and 65% humidity doesn't seem to cut it).
I'd say get hold of a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier and have it run constantly near your Neps. If you're growing in a windowsill without any kind of device to humidify the air or a clear enclosure to keep humidity in then I'd bet money on it that it's a lack of humidity.
My uncle doesn't believe in terrariums for nepenthes (he grows orchids in em but not neps...
) and continually abuses his poor ventratas. I got some cuttings from him which look now just awesome when grown in terrariums compared to his plants which he grows in his windows which have a humidity of 55% according to my hygrometer. His plants make plenty of leaves, quite large ones due to being subjected to minnesotas natural sunlight but they have not had pitchers since he got them 5+ years ago. He does mist them twice a day or so but it's not the same as a constant humidity from a humidifier.
Temperature can also play a part but if your research says it needs highland temps then that shouldn't be it... Are you achieving 70s-80s during the day and those cooler temps only at night? Constant cool temps may not be conducive to fast growth, I think it was Tony who said a while ago something like his plants grow fast at about 80-85*F during the day. (Check my post a few weeks back called "daytime temps for highlands?" I think it's in there...)
hope that helps!
Well then if your pitchers are not forming sounds like low humidity. And like Josh said place an Ultrasonic OR cool mist humidifier near it.

BTW, Josh, Ventrata's should grow very well in a household atmosphere! Ventrata is just like Khasiana, or more adpatable then Khasiana! Perhaps he just doesn't water them enough?