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Myflytrap won\'t eat!!!

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I'm still 12 & need help. I don't know what to do.My flytrap wouldn't eat & still turning black .
I'm sorry if i'm boring you out.but I'm 12& I don't know What to do. do I just let it die? will it come back?
Your flytrap doesn't have to eat.

I would first check all of your growing conditions.

Water- distilled

Light- lots

Temps- warm

Feeding - optional

If the growing conditions you have your plant in are good, you should be fine.

If you are watering the plant with anything other than distilled water ...IT WILL DIE!

If you aren't giving it enough light, you will have a problem

If the temperatures aren't high enough AND you aren't giving it enough light it will go dormant ( not die, sleep )

If you let it dry out, IT WILL DIE!

Let us know what all you are doing for the plant, and I ( or we ) can give you more specific help on how to take care of it.

PLEASE keep us up to date.

And tell your MOM she is cool for letting you come here and play with us!

Good Luck!

Jaie, the guy who replied to your post, is actually the chief grower at petflytrap.com, so he really knows his stuff!

read carefully what he has said, and if your plant hasn't already been damaged to much, then you will do just fine! If your plant is going to die, then please, don't take it hard and quit.

There is not a single person on this board who didn't kill their first plant, some of them killed their first plants as 20, 30, 40 and 50 year old people! So your in good company!

Don't give up. Get another one, and keep plugging.