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My vintricosa's pitchers


God must have an interesting sense of humor
I have had my vintricosa since around March. It's pitchers are about 1" tall. They're "lids" are never open though. How big does the pitcher have to be befoer the lids will open.
Mine were around 3inches. It sounds like you need more humidity or light. It took mine roughly a month before my first pitcher open. What are your conditions or setup? Maybe I could help.

Wesley, the size a pitcher does get before opening depends mainly on plant size and growth conditions. One inch is big enough for a small plant. Nepenthes may stop pitcher production when environmental conditions do change. N. ventricosa does produce new leafes and pitchers at a rate of one per four to six weeks. If your plant also stopped to produce leafes, something with your growing conditions may be wrong.

Well actually, it has high humidity and it grows quite fast. When it sends one laef out; while the pitcher is growing it also sends another leaf out and so on and so forth. I don't think it's that. But it could be.