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My VFT looses traps

I've got a new VFT, which grows with others. The spring began, and all the other VFTs started growing. The new VFT (which was not shipped, and grew in this pot) started loosing traps. The older traps die faster than the new ones grow (and they grow really slowly for spring time). And the new traps become smaller (each new one is smaller than it's prior).
The new growth is green just as the older leaves.
Anyone has an idea why and what can I do?

My VFTs grow outside, in the yard.

Hey Gumpa,

You will lose some traps....think of them as leaves...leaves will die, and new ones will grow to take its place.

Just make sure you use Distilled water ONLY and always keep it moist.

What is the Temps and Light like in Israel? The plant can take temps up to mid 90's F. I think that is like
30's C

If it is outside, is it getting enough light?
Hi Gumpa,
What is the compost you are using? Also it may be an idea to spray an accaricide(not an insecticide) on it as it may be red spider mite attacking your new plant. Look for pest sprays that contain 'bioalerethrin' on it. Spider mites are very small and you can hardly see them move at all. If you do both, and put the plant in good sumlight with a high humidity, I think your plant should recover quickly enough
Well, it's the begining of the spring, so it's sometimes cloudy, but most of the time it sunny (even in the winter).
Today, I picked up the pot, and looked closely. A disgusting smell came out from the bottom of the pot. (Other plants are placed in the same saucer, but they didn't smell at all). I've decided to repot (yes, I know it's bad, but it's the begining of the spring and it smelled like sewage...). The smell was strong when i removed the pot. Almost the whole soil smelled (except of the top 1.5cm). I carfully removed the soil with distilled water, and repotted. I hope i will help. Any idea about the smell?
Hi Gumpa,
Probably the soil medium was rotting or something!
I've had the same problem when my plants were planted in nothing but live or dead sphagnum. I think that the water needs to get changed more often and goes stagnant quicker.
That's just my observation but of course if they were planted in something other than sphagnum I have no clue what brought on the smell. :p
Pure sphagnum or peat is not too good for these plants.
They prefer a media with better drainage( peat:sand 1:1, peat:perlite:sand 2:1:1...) If the drainage is inadequate, these plants may rot.