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My unknown pings progress

  here are some pics of my unknown ping, it looks a little better now, maybe someone can see what it is...

September 25-27:


Nov. 2:

How does it look?

Spec.73, looks like your doing something right there. the plant looks healthy biggier and you have even gotten 2 cuttings to grow. GOOD JOB just my 2 cents
It looks like a P. ehlersae to me, though I would wait until it flowers for a definative ID. Several other Ping species are closley related to P. ehlersae and have very similar foliage, but different flowers (e.g. my P. jaumavensis look almost identical to some of the P. ehlersae I grow at the moment).

actually, right under the mother plant, if you look closely, you can see a very small plant. and that's just for that pot. I have 3 other cuttings forming, plus some other plants, not cuttings, full plants, in a other pot.3 pots. I'll try to get pics of all the pots...
Hi spectablis,

Your ping looks a lot like my p. esseriana. Here's a pic of it from last month when I got it, but now it looks similar to what you have. I took some leaf cuttings this weekend, and they have the same tiny bit at the end that connects to the stem. I'll defer to the experts for an ID on yours though. Hope this helps!

P. esseriana is quite closely related to P. ehlersiae and the rosettes look quite similar. The rosettes on all my P. esserianas are much more dome-shaped that the 4 varieties of P. ehlersiae that I grow, they have a much flatter, more open rosette. The appearance of the foliage of Mexican Pings can vary a bit depending on the soil and growing conditions so I'd still want to see flowers before I comitted myself to an ID. The flowers of P. esseriana and P. ehlersiae are very different.