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My sundew just arrived

My Sundew,Drosera spatulata , just arrived and I placed it into a water tray,misted with distilled H2O, and placed in partial shade to allow it to recover from shipping stress and allow it a peroid to adjust to my conditions.

My question is :Do I need to repot from the 3'' pot that the plant shipped in soon? If it is ok to allow it to remain in the shipping pot for a while,when ought I to consider repotting?...into what size pot should it go next?

I have read the culture FAQs for Sundews but I would greatly appreciate any tips anyone may have specific for this species or might not be coved in the FAQ....TIA
You are safe in the 3" pot for some time. I'd suggest you leave it there at least until next spring. If you decide to repot at that time go up a size or 2 and just be careful with it when you uproot it. I like to tap the whole ball of soil out and then wash the roots free in clean water.
Hi Seminole...welcome to the forums
I'd leave your sundew in the pot it came in for awhile. You shouldn't have to repot until it looks like it's outgrowing the 3" pot it arrived in. Sundews tend to spread outward so next time you pot it you may want a 4-6" pot. Just be sure when you repot that you use the correct soil mix which you'll find in the care sheet.
Good luck with your little jewel!
Thanks for the advice guys...and it was what I wanted to hear.

I find ,generaly speaking ,that the less intervention the better in most things...so staying with the 3'' pots for a while suits me just fine.