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My sad cutting


Hi all.. I unfortunately had to take a cutting of one of my prized plants, and I'm a little worried about it. I purchased "Ruton" on the local economy here, which I assume is similair to Rootone if not the same. I put the cutting in a sealed ziplock baggy in my lowland terrarium (it is a lowland) with Ruton on the base wrapped in a moist paper towel. This was about two weeks ago I believe (Pthiel: correct me if I'm wrong).

I checked the stem of the cutting a few days ago and it did not appear to have any new growth. But...Today I noticed that it looks like the growth point appears to have grown just a tiny bit (which it hadn't done since the cutting was taken. At least I think so, I hope its not my imagination. Anyway.. The plant is down to one healthy leaf, and the growth point.

Could anyone make some suggestions? Hopefully I can get some live sphagnum from my friend Pierre to help encourage growth (I'm sure the paper towel is far from ideal).

Any input would be helpful.


Pat (dirty hippie)
First off what lowlander are you trying to root?
Its an "easy to strike lowlander". ;-).

My original post is unclear. The growth point I was referring to was the newest leaf (or what will be one hopefully), not a growing point on the stem or roots developing.

I normally use sphagnum for rooting cuttings. Just keep it in bright indirect light and someplace it will not get too cool. Even with rooting powder your probably looking at a month to two months for roots to develop. If you don't have any sphagnum you could use a mix of 50/50 peat/perlite. Just keep an eye on fungus while it is enclosed in the bag and keep it moist (not sopping wet).
Why not just tell us?
I put a little peat/perlite in with the cutting in its paper towel for it grow roots in (hopefully). Is it normal for the plant to start growing before it develops new roots? Or is it more likely that it's just my imagination?

BTW: My n.alata is flowering! My first flower ever! I'll take pictures whenever they open.. Wonder if its a boy or a girl?
It depends if it is a stem cutting or the terminal cutting. (top piece). Cuttings with no active growing point will usually start new growth at roughly the same time the roots begin to develope. Cuttings from the top that have an active growing point will usually continue to grow although slowly as they are able to take up enough moisture through the cut end to continue growth to a limited extent.