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My Raff

The raff I ordered from Chris Fieger in Quebec is the one I'm talking about here...

Ok, I got it, had it with my Gubler's nep, it wilted, then I was like, AAAH... Anyhow, hehe, about one and a half days later, I stuck it in a plastic bag (as There was no room in my "terrarium"... The leaves stiffened up, but there is brown on them from the wilt. All the leaves are stiff and as far as I know, they are healthy. What I want to know is how long will it be before it starts to do something. Chris (she) told me that I should wait for three new leaves before I try to acclimate it to my bedroom...

Thanks for replies!
well, what hprolly happened was you did it to fast? and you changed the humidity rapidly? try giving it some superthrive, N raff grows pretty fast, just dont keep the soil wet, just moist, and wait a day or 2 then water agian, thats what i do, i have 2, 1 was my first nep ever, and its growing HUGE, i took it outa my terrarium cus i kind aover did it with watering
, and my ven died and adelae to root rot, i have the ven in a small pot now with lfs, hopin it will come back, i got the second raff from pft like 2-3 weeks ago, it hasnt put out any new leaves yet, i think from shock, and it was slowly opening the new leaf outa the old one, and now im seeing some growing
i gave it superthrive, you try too, it should have about 3 new leafs within a month max

Yep, probably just a super rapid change in humidity. It should do OK. I would give it about 3 weeks for some changes to be noticable. Or sooner! I can't really teel without seeing the plant.
Well, I know that it is ok now. This happened a little while ago, maybe two weeks, three perhaps... The brown is just sorta like blotchy, starting at the edge, so as it starts to not be there (ie, the parts of the leaf that did not die yet) is sorta margined by a cloud looking shape of brown. Get it kinda? Do you think that it will start to resume growth soon? I the curled leaf it came with doesn't, but the plant still wants to grow, a basal shoot will form, correct? I dont have superthrive BTW, and I cant get any here... No cash either, I spent my hole pay on a pair of jeans...
It may just be sitting and regaining energy to start to grow again. ANy pitchers on it? If it has some FEED IT!
I would just keep it warm,humid,brightly lit, and watered well.
It has pitchers that died from the shock... They are shriveled sacks on the ends of tendrils...
I am fortunate in that I grow all my nepenthes outside. The humidity is a bit lower than greenhouse and terrarium grown nepenthes for the most part. When you get plants from those places with much higher humidity, they can be set back drastically when potted up. You are doing the smart thing putting it in a bag. Gradually allow some air to get in. Nepenthes don't need 100% humidity to survive and if they are grown in very very high humidity, they can be subjected to severe shock when transplanted into a lower humidity environment. Good luck.

The same thing happened to me with a couple of Judith Finn. I can give you a few more tips once I get my rafflesiana on Friday, and see where I need to start with humidity. I hope to grow it on my windowsill within two weeks( before I move to Alaska). Has anyone else grown a Rafflesiana on their windowsill? How did it do?
Well I guess you can't feed it now!
Sorry but you'll have to wait now.