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My purple pitcher (s. purpurea) just arrived

My Purple Pitcher (S. purpurea) just arrived and I placed it into a water tray,misted with distilled H2O, and placed in partial shade to allow it to recover from shipping stress and allow it a peroid to adjust to my conditions.

My question is :Do I need to repot from the 3'' pot that the plant shipped in soon? If it is ok to allow it to remain in the shipping pot for a while,when ought I to consider repotting?...into what size pot should it go next?

Also,the plant arrived with several dead/dying developing pitchers.Should I remove these to prevent disease from setting in?

I have read the culture FAQs but would appreciate your advise on these two points or anything else anyone feels is relevant...TIA.
Hello and welcome to our little community!

You can repot it whenever you want, but it would be good to do it soon, since it can't live in a three incher for long. Repot it into at least a five incher.

Yes, but cut off ONLY the brown, completely dead parts of the pitcher, not ever the green parts. If you cut off any portion of the green part, the plant loses a little energy.

More tips: make sure there is at least half an inch of distilled or rain water in the watering tray AT ALL TIMES, so there is absolutely no risk at all of the plant drying out. Also, make sure that you frequently make sure that there is water in the pitchers. If there is no water in them, pour some into them. Only put water in the pitchers when the pitcher is fully open(i.e. don't put water in immature pitchers). If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Good luck with your new purp!
Thanks for the info and especially the tip about water into the pitcher.

I wasn't sure about that and mine are bone dry inside the pitchers from shipping. Seems having liquid inside the tube can only help as I live in a very low humidity area...28% today...and every little bit of moisture ought to help.