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My Poor Ping

Good news first, there is a flower on one of my pings. I believe it to be a primiflora (I don't think that is spelt correct, hope you know what I mean); light lavender flower with bright yellow middle. Its soooooo cute!

Anyhow, the plant itself is one by one losing its leaves. They are going brown from the outside edge in and becoming crispy. For a while, I was cutting the browing edge off, but each leaf is taking its turn. The plant also does not seem to be getting any new leaves and it still is not very good at bug catching (and there are plenty of fungas gnats in my house to catch). The bugs just walk all over the leaves like there is no concern. The plant sits in a North windowsill, with added warm floresent lights. The humidity is roughly 50-60% for most of the time. I did have it in a higher humidity tank for a short while (which is when the flower was first forming) but that just seemed to accelerate the leaves dying off. The leaf edges are not forming plantlets as many describe this plant to do. Can I propagate these from a leaf? I may try one anyhow as there is nothing to lose from trying and a lot to gain if it works.

Well your thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks all.
If it is a primaflora then what is happening is actually normal. These plants typically begin to die during or shortly after they flower. This usually isn't a problem for most growers as they tend to produce many 'pups' from their old leaves. Since your seems to not be doing this I suggest you try pollonating the flower and going for seeds.

Thanks Pyro, a new experience is always fun. Will give it a try. I think I remember some other discussions here on 'how to', will look them up.

Thanks again
If you have 'Savage Garden' there is a breif how-to in there. Also check the CP FAQs, I think Barry has a little blurb on it somewhere in there.

I bought my P.primaflora last summer in flower and it hasn't stopped flowering. I get one bloom after another. When I got it, it was about 3 inches across and now it's less then an inch. It is nice and green though, not turning brown like Linda's. There could be another problem occuring in your plant Linda.
good growing, Jack
i think this has happened to me, i kinda see a flower stalk and when i received it i guess it was cut off, then each leaf was dying, and i found 1 pup underneath but that died too, it is very slowly growing, any way to boost it?
I have a similar thing going on with P. lutea... maybe too wet??