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Well I signed up for the webspace and put up some pictures of my plants.  I just bought them a few days ago, I hope I learn to care for them soon enough to save them from my lack of a green thumb.

Any comments welcome.

I grew a substrate terrarium once with less than ideal results. It started well, but long term growing resulted in problems. Be very careful with the purity of your water, in this case, I recommend you use only distilled water as whatever salts enter the medium will remain right there. Pots may be flushed, but for a substrate terrarium this is not an option.
Keep a careful eye on the Cobra Lily. They may spread over the years especially if you have three of them in a terraium.
Nice pictures, the purpurea is really small! give it a year maybe less and itll grow really nice
your no longer a newbie! ive been growing cp's for about 2 years, and i only have about waht, 4 plants (however, i had many more, and i sohuld be getting a big shipment of them soon)