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My phrag grande bud opened!


Moderator Schmoderator Fluorescent fluorite, Engl
I was SO excited this morning to find my phragmipedium grande's bud was popping this morning! Its very first flower! Looks to be only a single bud and the petals don't look that long but I'm still happy it bloomed at all! I've been waiting for a good while as it was a bit of a youngster when I got it.

I will post a pic of it as soon as I can get one. It won't be as dramatic as most you see but hey, its got years to grow still!

If you have some patience, you can save a little money buying NBS plants.

Oooh, cool, can't wait for the pics!
Suzanne, how's the flower look now? I know a lot of Lady Slipper flower petals continue to grow after the flower opens, is that happening with your Grande?

Hey Merlin

It looks "grande". hehe
I took pics today but I'm not all that crazy about them. The petals do seem to have grown some. They are about 5" long. Will be interesting to see how long they get. I am going to try for some more pics tomorrow. I hate to take a photo that doesn't do the plant justice. I love the way the back of them look as much as the front. There is such beautiful ruffling and curling to the edges of the petals. I need to scrounge up some freelance work so I can get a new and better camera.

Hopefully a pic tomorrow.