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My P. primuliflora  is dying


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Hi folks,
Perhaps someone can shed some light on why my P. Primuliflora just started to wilt? It was doing fine, flowered, now it just started to wilt! It looks terrible! what gives? There was no change in environment, I'm stumped.
tray method. They like it waterlogged, right? I think Pingman says he keeps his on the tray all year long.
Yes, that is also how they grow in the wild. But sometimes they will rot from the roots without any warning.
Hey Shloaty,

I had a seedling die from those fungus gnat worm things munching on its roots. Do a quick check to see if that's the problem
Could be the fungus gnat larva...The top of the substrate has a thin, white layer of something. I'll submerge completely for a few hours and see what happens. Thanks guys!
If that is what i think it is, that is a little mold/fungus on a peaty mix. I would re-pot to sphagnum.


it's probably fungus nats... they make a white moldy looking film on the top of cp soil, dunking it completely for 2 days will do the job. Pinguicula primuliflora also sometimes likes the water level at the surface of the soil, maybe it's wilting from too little water?
So, let me get this straight. If I submerge the Pings in water for two days, the Pings wont be hurt, and the fungus gnats will die.

Thanks, and regards to the board.
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   I think that is only for this species....I'm not sure you can apply that theory accross the genus...Someone else will have to comment on that (pingman?).

Anyway, here's the scoop.  Totally dead.  As a doornail.  

But all is not lost.....

Some of the wilting leaves had little plantlets growing on them, so I removed those leaves and treated them as cutting....now to wait and see.
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P.primuliflora, and planifolia can tolerate submerged conditions for extended periods. The rest of the warm-temperate U.S. pings can stand being submerged. I would not leave them in the water for too long. Avoid submerging for the mexican sp.