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My new Sarracenia

I just bought a new Sarracenia, (and Butterwort but I know what species that is) and my new sarracenia didn't come with a name tag. It just had 'Sarracenia' and 3 pictures of a Purp, one of mine, and another one.
Now onto the description. (This'll be easy for Mike
) It grows upwards, about a foot and a half long pitchers, and has like a 'lid' on top. This is coloured White with like Red Veins on it. There are many Pitchers growing, and if only had my Digi Camera working I would have taken a picture of it

Thanks in Advance
A foot and a half high?

Where did you get that from and how much was it?

Any pics?
Hi Ash,
 That sounds like a leucophylla to me, obviously one of the Dutch clones you see.
The tallest pitcher is 14 1/2 inches... is that big or some?!?! Thanks Mike
Appreciate it.
Hi Ash,
My Baldwin co. leuco has one pitcher at 1m 10cm at the moment
Nice Mike! My tallest Leucophylla pitcher is 2 ft at the maximum (60cm).
My Diameter is only like barely an inch, how big does it get? Because although being tall, it needs to be open ready for bigger bugs!!!
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Hi Guys,
   Not that big, only 1 1/2", but some clones get  upto 3" accross depending on the clone. The one below has an Autumn pitcher you can put a ping pong ball down it. You can see to the left a typical slender spring pitcher to the left of the big Autumn pitcher:

S leucophylla, Giant purple & white, Altha, Northern Florida, L19

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I'm still waiting for my leuco to start producing autumn pitchers

What's the latest your leucos have ever started producing decent pitchers Mike?
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Hi Alexis,
Have a look closely, assuming your leuco is getting plenty of light, all mine are sending them up right now. Some just starting, others already there and open. When they start, they really send them up quick!
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Mike I want that clone you put a picture up of.
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Mike King @ Sep. 10 2002,10:03)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Autumn pitcher you can put a ping pong ball down it. You can see to the left a typical slender spring pitcher to the left of the big Autumn pitcher:[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
How old is this pitcher mike? I have some that are a year and a half to 2 years old, and they are no where near that size. Very nice!
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Thanks Mike. So far it has grown a few spring pitchers and then grew some phyllodia in July and August. Then at the end of August it sent up another spring pitcher. There are two tiny shoots at the moment but they don't seem to look like they will do much.
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The plant is mature and flowering size,

How big is your plant?
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Mike where can i obtain the Giant Purple and white leuco like yours pictured above? Thanks!
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Hi Dustin,
That plant is only to be found in Europe at present. I would try if you were looking for a big leuco to get the 'Titan' plant. It is even larger than this one and I took a lot of trouble to import one from the USA earlier this year. However, there are other big leucos out there too; the giant purple & white though is one of the best around.