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I'm sorry for the incredible bad images, my hobby isn't really photography. I just wanted to post pictures of my neps, instead of always asking everyone to show of theirs, thought i could grab my chance as I was watering. Also, I guess I'll use this thread to update on my plants as well as the growing spaces as times goes by. For the first run, these are most of my hybrids and easier Nepenthes

I bought this under Nepenthes 'Samanatha'. I couldn't find anything on Samantha, but it looks like N. 'Louisia', an hybrid between N. 'Judith Soper' and N. Hirsuta. It has the biggest pitcher of any of my plants so far, they're about 20cm.

I'm usually growing these in intermediate to highland conditions. They have experienced quite warm nights as the temprature this summer has been of the charts here for the past 2-3 months. But as an experimentalist it's interesting to see how they cope, especially the rajah x mira.

N. Rajah x Mira



N. Spathulata x Robcantleyi

N. Burkei x Hamata



N. Burbidgea x campanulata, I really like this hybrid. As with most of the neps I've uploaded, it's quite a easy grower and has beautiful folliage and pitchers


N. Truncata, this is doing quite good in highland to intermediate. I do grow lowlanders as well, but I read somewhere that it do just fine as an intermediate/HL. It's putting out bigger leaves and pitcher about once every two-three weeks. So i guess it's doing allright.


N. Maxima 'wavy leaf'

Starting to show off the 'wavy leaf' trait

Some lowlanders

N. Bellii. I got this pretty beat up. I've also heard it's quite a hard nut to crack, so it should be fun seeing how long i can manage to grow it

N. Bicalcarata, my first forming pitcher.

I just got an shippment from carnivoresandmore, which sent me amazing plants, whom I'm waiting for to settle in. With all the bonus it really filled up my growing space. (as a well satisfied european customer I have to give them credit. If this don't comply with the forums rules, please notify me and I'll delete it). I'll post some more pictures sooner or later.

Thanks for looking and don't be to harsh with the critique!

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I'll echo that all looks very nice. Your N. truncata is making some very nice progress.
Nice stuff man :bigthumpup:
Looking great. What kind of lighting are you using?

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Thanks all!

=Flip_Side_the_Pint;1201204]I really like your rajah x mira its really nice.

Thank you, Flip, I find this one a lot darker than what I've seen from other growers. I do keep it high, close to the light, so maybe that's why. How's your Rajah-hybrids doing?

Looking great. What kind of lighting are you using?

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I'm using alot of CFL. My main tank experience 300w, 6500k (if remember correctly) 14-16 hours a day in the summer, and 10-12 hours in the winter. I've been experimenting with the hours, but 16h and 12h seem to work the best, altough the heat has been a real problem this summer. The rest of the growing space has two 250w, 2700k, while my lowland tank has double t5. Everything is in the same tight enclosure as well, so I reckon the different lighting adds to each tank and space/plant.

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Great looking plants as other have already said, I have also bought from them before with good results
Great looking plants as other have already said, I have also bought from them before with good results

This was my first time. I usually order from cz or roraima with allright results and satisfaction, (alas, the truncata came from a more obscure site; plantae.sk but with great customer service and in a hilarious package). Candmore doubled my order with extras. Great succes!