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My Mexi-Pings are being wierd


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My Mexi-Pings all seem to be reverting back to their winter rosettes since I placed them outside a couple weeks ago. Their new leaves are much smaller and non-glandular. Can anyone think why they would be doing this? Could it be because the outdoor photoperiod is still only around 11 hours?

Any help would be great,

that recently happened to my ping, but its leaves got smaller but the dew was stiill there (its in a potted terrarium). I think being outdoors is such a big change in temp andhumidity that it might go dormant agian. Im not sure but thats what i think-Zach
Hey Pyro,
Mexican pings grown indoors with a long photoperiod(11+ hours) may revert to winter growth with an outdoors photoperiod of under 11 hours. They might have been tricked into believing that winter is approaching;)

I have had some laueanas revert back to winter growth, even in the terrarium, after I let the soil dry out.

PS: The laueanas are ready of shipping. The gigantea is growing up nicely, but they are around 1in nondormant. I can ship them out whenever you want.