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My judith hindle..

Hi All, I cut one of the pitchers off of my Judith Hindle and cut it down the middle and I found little worms inside... Is that normal, They look like little maggets... There white with a black tip on the front or back, I've seen really big fly's flying around my house but I thought that they lay eggs not live magget??? There wasn't that much digestive enzymes in the pitcher when i cut it open is that normal too?? The pitcher started turning brown where the pile of dead bugs are. Well anyone know if these worms are harmful to my plant... Thanxz
if a fly got caught in the pitcher, and there were no fluids to drown it, it ould have layed eggs on the corples under it, then the maggots hatched, and fed on the corpses. what i do is look inside pitchers, and if there are any dead bugs above the digestive fluid level, i add distilled water untill it is about an inch over the water level
So it's okey to put distelled water in the pitchers???