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My flytraps are dying?

My flytraps are doing horrible
. I am not sure why because last year I had roughly 12 traps on each plant. I only have one left now and that one seems to be on its way out too. I put the flytraps thru dormancy then they start to die slowly when they come out. I have noticed that others do well after winter on the forum but mine croak:confused:. Any suggestions on how to keep them alive after a winter sleep?
Well Travis Im sorry to hear about your plants
what kind of conditions are they in?
How long ago did you take them out of dormacy? Could they be in shock from the temp change from comming inside after being used to the cold? Also what kind of lighting is it recieving and how much are you watering it?
Do you feel like I'm trying to play 20 questions with you?

Personally mine looked kinda crappy when they came out of dormacy too but then they snapped out of it. (Im trying to be encouraging
They have long up-right petioles with really small traps. The only one I have now brought up a flower stalk then I clipped it. Since then it has stopped growing and now the leaves are turning brown. I would normally not worry about it but I see no other leaves coming up. Secondly last year I recall no algae but after coming out of sleep there is algae every where.

It has been out of dormancy for about 2 1/2 months and I used the bare root system (refregerator) on this one. As I had few other flytraps and did other methods of dormancy but they all soon croaked too. I gave this one time to adjust from the temp. As I would slowly give it more light but that lasted a week then it was staight to the fish tank or terrarium. I am not sure if a week is long enough to have it adjust warmer temps. I am sure I can take care of it through the year know prob but once dormacy hits and they come out they do their dance of death then croak

Pardon for the long post but ansering your 20 questions takes time
k/d. As for where I keep them - I keep them in a 10 gallon fish tank and during the summer take them outside then bring them in for the fall and so on. In the fish tank I give them about 12 hours of light during the summer they get the sun so it is about 6 hours.

My only thought is to transplant it because the soil looks nasty and then I would know if it is rotting. If it dies I will get another but I would love to have one just to survive the winter. So if their is green there is hope!

It sounds like there is a problem with the media. I am assuming that you water with only distilled or rain water. Algae grows where there are micronutrients available, and this is not good for Dionaea. I think I would remove the plant from it's current medium and repot. Try not to damage the roots, as the plant may have already lost some roots. The ph needs to be low, and algae growth is another indication that this may not be the case with your medium as acidic conditions discourages algae. Good luck with your plant.
My plant is lso dieing, it has brown on the leafs and 2 have mouths open and it looks like it with bust open. I tried to see if it was alright and the hair in the mouth are gone!!!!
Does mean it is dead, hey also on the stem it has black on one side if the leaf??

If you could help anyone PLEASE DO SO!!

Bubblegirl - bits of the plant will go brown and black and these bits should be snipped off. If it is still producing new shoots from the centre of the plant than don't worry. Are you using rain/distilled water? Visit www.sarracenia.com/faq.html
Thanks Alvin for helping. . I had my plant everyday using distilled water. Hey all you have to do is  clip off the sides of the leaf? That is neat. Hey if you email you can help me more and give me more info! I think it is dead but I dont know.

Thanks a million!

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I am sad to report all my flytraps died coming out of dormacy
. I transplanted the last one and the buld was mushE. I will most likely get more and hopefully they will make thru next years dormacy but it is very disapointing to have all of them die.
On the positive hand thanks for your help it was very much apprecated.


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Is it possible that they got to cold and frost bitten in the fridge? I think I did that to one plant... but amazingly, it is still growing...

it sounds like your media got to compacted and turned swampy or something.. I wish you better luck with the next set.