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My first Nep to buy

I went my local garden centre at my dad's house, and saw the nepenthes there. They were all hanging from the ceiling, quite large in size, with pitchers about 2-4inches long. I looked at the price and they were £14.99 (about $18) is that worth it? And also they had what had looked like a Butterwort, but had the tinyest pitchers on the end of each leaf. they must have only been about 2 centimeters big, and look brown. Thanks in advance.
I suggest getting a N. ventricosa. They are a hardy plant and does not require to much care. I am sure there are others but that is the only one I have and it is doing fabulous.

Hope that helps in your quest for a nep.,
Some easy Nepenthes are:
N. Khasiana
N. Ventricosa
N. Ventrata
N. Alata (Highland Form)

That's pretty much it, I think. Feel free add more guys and gals.
I will add:

N.Gracilis (Lowland)
N.Rafflesiana (10 gallon terarium or larger) (Lowland)
N.Tobiaca (Intermediate-Highlander) Regular pruning required.
N.Ampullaria (Lowlander)
N.Truncata (Lowlander) Requires large area to spread in diamter and drop it pitchers off the side of the pot to the ground. But not for a while if it is still a small tissue cultrue plant.
N.Maxima (lowland and highland forms)
You know you want it... buy it.
YeS! I Do! I WaNt It! ::temptation::
But thing is on't have that money at the moment
Since its your first nep, why not go for something easy like a ventricosa?  $18 may be a bit much for a "first nep".  Check out what PFT has to offer, their neps are priced well under $18.  A rafflesiana may get too big, but I love mine (thanks jaie  
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I would get it from this site, but they do not send to the UK so i'm pretty much bummed there
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My advice to you is to save your money and buy the plant that you have your eye on. Whatever it is... it has pitchers and is probably fairly easy to grow, otherwise it wouldn't be in a commercial nursery. Get it home and treat it right and you will love it.