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My first and new trap.

Whats up...I just got my first VFT. This is my first plant that will be using soil for growth. I picked up my flytrap from homedepot and I have no idea what kind of plant it is. Its still too young to be able to compare pictures here. The name of the plant I have is not listed here but thats probably because it uses the scientific name. Its the Dioneae Muscipula. I also searched the net without any help. ONe site said it was the Red Dragon.

Anyways, what should I do at this stage? I have no idea when it was last watered. It came in a really small pot about 3 inches in diameter with a platic cup on top of it. Theres a few bugs inside already, I dont know if they did it on purpose or these plants really work that well that it can attract a small bug to fly into the small airhole.

What should I do for the next few weeks? I want to post the site of the company that made the plant but Id probably get banned before I am able to even post a reply. Its from gubler. The trapper is about half a inch long. I dont know what knid of soil is on there or anything important to look up howtos because I don't know what already has been done. If anyone can help, please do so.

since you dont know when it was watered last you better get that taken care of first. put it in a saucer or bowl and fill it up with about a half inch of distilled or rain water. If you or the store you bought it from used anything else ( Like tap water) you may have to flush it by pouring water into the pot and letting it drain out into the sink.
I personaly would take off the cup it realy doesnt need it.
Put it in the sunniest window sill possible it needs tons of light just don't let it get too warm. I wouldnt try to feed it for a couple of weeks incase its in a state of shock right now.
I hope this helps Im getting pretty darn tired. Check out the older posts and by the time youre done you'll know enough to grow like a pro

And welcome to the forums!
A few questions I could't find anwsers to on the net. Will these things attract bugs and stuff from far away, outside of house? One of the many reasons I got this is to get those occasional flies break into my house. Suppose one fly does get into an average size bedroom, what are the chances it will invite itself into the trap?

Another question, is it a good idea to keep these plants in complete darkness when there is no sun? in some plants it good to keep it under no light at all when its not absorbing light. Does light pollution apply to these plants?

What stage is my plant in? it got ones from home depot. How much bigger will it get?

Bugs are attracted by the droplets of nectar each trap secretes around the base of the spines. A fly has got to be pretty near though to smell it I think.
You only want to keep your plant in darkness at night! During the day it likes a lot of light. Leave it on a windowsill so that it gets light from dawn to sunset. They come from bright and sunny North Carolina.
An average VFT will grow traps about 1" long in summer, less in spring and autumn. It can have anything from 6 to 20 traps in summer, again less at other times of the year.

The latin name you gave 'Dionaea muscipula' is the name of the species. Flytraps such as the Red Dragon are the same species and are exactly the same, apart from the colour.

Have you visited www.sarracenia.com/faq.html ?
Should I really be taking the cup off? I live in La where it is not very humid. I would think the cup would help keep the humidity up. Anyone know what kind of venus flytraps are sold at home depot?

Check out the site mentioned by Alvin, it will answer all your questions
Also, sheck the care section on this website (bottom) for useful tips.
I have read the guides on the net and I must say they are very good. However, someone here mentioned to remove the cup. But it is advised to keep a humid condition. So now I don't know what to do. I live in La where the air is dry.
La as in Los Angeles? Or La as in Louisianna?
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Los Angeles which probably means rain water will burn holes into the plant. I was walking in the rain once and when the rain hit my eyes man it stung.