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Hopefuly, this Christmas I'll be getting plants from Exotica Plants in Australia. Posting there name isn't a bad thing, right. Imean, not many people would order from them because they're so far away, and ordering is so complicated. Anyway, I plan on getting;

albomarginata red
gracilis black
khasiana x mixta (red)
maxima x (stenophylla x lowii)
oiso x fusca
bellii x ventricosa dark red
mirabilis anamensis
tentaculata spotted
ventricosa squat
albomarginata red x cinta
mirabilis x veitchii Sarawak
rokko x veitchii Sarawak

Almost all of them will be rooted cuttings, and I probably wont order anymore plants for quite a while. I can't wait till Christmas
i want
N. veitchii highland
N. x Dyeriana
N. x Mixta
N. rajah x burbidgeae (not going to happen)
N. x Excellens
N. mira
You'll probably get a N. raja x burbidgeae someday soon
I envey you.

LOL, I'd take any Nep at this point!