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My calycifida is flowering


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I just wanted to announce that because I think it is cool. a nice pretty purple/pink. I just wish I had a decent camera so I could post a pic.

Very nice.
pyro, im recieving clacyfida seeds soon and i was wondering about how to care for em. can you help me out?

I am growing mine in (don't laugh) an old apple sauce cup. I have a 1cm layer of sand in the bottom and then milled sphag filling the rest. I grow it in my terrarium (14 hr photocycle, temp 65-80.) I add water when the level gets about halfway down. That is about all. This species tends to prefer lower light than most CPs and often succeeds in bright sunless windows as well. If you have any complications with your seeds and none germinate drop me a line and I might be able to get you a division.

oh i wont laugh u reuse stuff, i grew some plants in cups before, and now i grow a genlisea in a Post office sponge holder lol. Well, thanks for the info. i dont noe where to get milled shagnum, so i think i will use peat when they come. Ill keep the fact if the seeds fail in mind. I hope they will succend but u neva noe, thanks. Thanks again for the cuttings of extrema.
Calycifida, like most other utrics will grow in anything wet and peaty. Don't worry too much about it. I've heard that it germinates easily by seed, but it grows so fast you can probably get a division from someone quite easily.

If anyone has tips for U. striatula though, I'd be willing to listen...
I didn't laugh as I'm growing U. livida in a Ferrero Rocher chocolates container.

Happy Easter!

Hmmm, DE, thats a GOOD idea...

I'm using the bottoms of water bottles...
Pyro I have been rather envious that the cutting I sent flowered for you before my main plant did - but today I see about 4 scapes starting. I guess Spring arrives sooner where you are. It snowed here again , last night. AAARRGGGHHH