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My 6 years old N.rajah

  • Thread starter Axel Faix
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I want to you show my 6 years old N.rajah:


axel faix
Thats a very nice plant you have there! How big is your plant.
Hi together,

don't wonder about the picture's URL, I only provided the webspace. I wish it would be my plant.

The most amazing thing is, that Axel cultivates his wonderful plant without any spezial treatment. He grows it under a 100 W incandescent (!) bulb in a terrarium next to a south facing window where it does not recieve direct sunlight.

Temperature is 25-30°C during the day, during night temperature drops because of the open window. (German nights are usually relativly cold, except during the hottest weeks in summer )

In my opinion an excellent excample how you can grow highland Nepenthes without "high technologie".

Can someone move it to the Nepenthes forum, please ?

moving to the Nepenthes forum!

Beautiful Plant Axil. Can you give us some idea on size when you got it. Current size of the plant and pitchers. Martin touched on the culture but I would also like to hear anything you have to add!
Not open for further replies.