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My 6 years old N.rajah

  • Thread starter Axel Faix
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I´ve a short question. The plant is rather big. (Look at the pics) Do you think it´s big enough to make cuttings of. Do anyone know if N.rajah is good for cuttings.
Thanks for your replies.

Axel Faix
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I have heard of people that have made a cutting yes. But it appears Rajah is hard and slow to root as a cutting. Also I am not sure how it would recover. And I am just saying this from what I have heard.
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i know I'm very behind the times on this...but after seeing those pictures..
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Axel, as tempting as it would be to take a cutting of such an incredible plant, I would not do so... the plant is readily available through tissue culture, and I just think you should let it continue to grow and be gorgeous... maybe in ten years or so you will be able to take pictures for us of a 1 gallon jug!
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I have taken cuttings of about that size from my plants and have rooted them and
grown them out further. It's not that hard, but given the relatively large size of the
leaf laminae, one must have very good conditions to succeed! In particular, humidity
must be very high, and temperatures relatively moderate (12 to 26 C). I've also sprayed
dilute fertilizer (one-tenth full strength) on the leaves while cuttings were rooting to provide
needed nutrition. In addition, any pitchers on the cuttings were left in place and filled with water
and prey. Oftentimes, cuttings will pull water from pitchers while rooting, so this can help
them to stay hydrated while they're growing new roots.