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My 6 years old N.rajah

  • Thread starter Axel Faix
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No go with Tristan's Carnivorous Plants first. Oh just let whos buying the plant decide!
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Hi !

I have seen a flowering (female) rajah in Germany last autumn.
You can find a picture of it at Tine's homepage :

The picture below the "small" rajah.
Nor very spectacular, because the plant had no pitchers at that time.

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The link that you posted did not work for me.

"error 404: Datei nicht gefunden!"

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@pyro: It´s a N.alata.

@lithopsman: It´s sphagnum. (I only use sphagnum)

Axel Faix
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That's ssssssssssssssooooooooo cool! You should be EXTREMELY proud
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Wow, your nepenthes, its stunnigly beautiful. Wow you should be very happy your such a good parent to it. Beautiful Beautiful pitchers. Wow, im, just stunned
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Thank you for all the replies.
Of course I´m very proud to have this wonderfull plant, but I also think that I had very much luck with it.(and my surroundings in my room).

Anyway, Thank you.

Axel Faix
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Hi !!!
Sorry if I'm late, but it is very difficult for me to find the words in front of this beautiful and well grown N.rajah.
Axel, does sun strikes your plants in any moment of the day?
If yes, for how many time?


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@ rajah: In summer, the sun doesn´t strike my plant. In winter the sun strikes my plant. I don´t know the exact lenght, but I think the plant is about 2-3 hours in the sun. Because of this I install a curtain before my window because the plant don´t like direct sunlight. The curtain is not very thick, so most of the sunlight can transilluminate.

Axel Faix
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I´ve a question, what do you think about the worth of the plant?I will never sell the plant but I am inquisitively (correct word for??)how much such a plant could cost.

I would be happy if someone would answer!

Axel Faix
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Hello Axel !
In my opinion between 200 $ and 250 $, perhaps more!!!


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Depends on who is selling and who is buying. I have seen small bical's for sale for $150. As for a N. rajah I suspect you could get A LOT MORE.
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Sorry to repeat a question, but has a small rodent or large insect ever stumbled int othat?
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Oh, and i have seen a N.rajah like that! It was only 3 years old but the pitchers were almost as large, someone was selling it for $99.99 on gardenweb posts. Of course they banned me when i mentioned check out Petflytrap
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How would a small rodent stumble into the pitchers, seeing that the plant is in a household terrarium??? Even in nature, it is not too common to find rodents in the pitchers of N.rajah(they are designed to attract and catch smaller prey
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that seems like a steal to me... 99 bucks... whoever was selling it was either really nice, or really ignorant (Mean word... but I don't intend it that way.)

I would estimate it's value well over 200 us Dollars, but I think Tony would be the best to give you a dollar value on it.
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I hate to try and guestimate a price on something for fear of giving the owner and possibly people in the market bad advice. I say guestimate because that is all it would be. I have NEVER seen a rajah for sale that was more than several inches across. If they are sold that size it is likely to happen as a private deal. If I had to put a dollar value on your plant Axel.. I would say several hundred dollars (USD) or more..
$300 to $500 would not surprise me. Value on such a plant can vary wildly since so few are likely to hit the market.
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