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My 6 years old N.rajah

  • Thread starter Axel Faix
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Wow! I may try 1 drop for an eyedropper in my Rajah's pitchers sometime. Just let me buy a pint of whole milk. lol.
Sounds like the palnts is benifiting from the milkfat too. Also calcium and iron etc. are all other contributers.
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wow, you give your plant not much light other than the 100 watt incasendant... I have a Repti Basking Spot Lamp, 100W. would that be enough for a rajah? Because it seems so red for jsut an incasendant...

Also, our fattest milk is whole milk
But we have to buy 1% for the daddio and 2 for the rest of the fam, jsut to let you know

Just my 2 bronze knuts (as in harry potter, not reality)
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How big is that terrarium?
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Interesting about the milk since I had a not-so-good experience with my heliamphora and milk. Was the milk diluted with water at all? My heli pitchers may have been too small for that.

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My Terrarium is 1.1m long 40cm wide and 45cm high.
I take pure milk.
But you´re right, my heli also doesn´t like milk.

Axel Faix
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I would like to know about the soil in the terrarium. What was used in it's construction? It looks like there is some reddish laterite soil at the bottom and it also appears as there is no drainage. how does the tank smell? Has the Rajah lived in this terrarium for most of it's existance? I ask because I love having naturalistic terrariums instead of potted ones but I recently had to destroy a beautiful terarrium I'd worked on for several months due to the rotting sulfur smell of the substrate. So I'm always interested to hear how others do it!

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Axel, do you add milk in all the pitchers more than one time or just once when they open??? Also if you do fertilze each pitcher more than one time what is your fertilization routine/schedule? Thank You!!!!
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Amazing, simply amazing.

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Hi! I´m sorry that I answer so late but I had much to do.

@ swords:
My rajah had lived in the terrarium since I have it.(3-4 years).
On the bottom of the terrarium is ca. 7 cm pure Seramis (quite similar to perlite).The rest of the soil is made out of perlite, seramis and peat. I don´t know the exact mixture ratio, sorry.
My terrarium smells of peat(there´s no fragrance of rotting soil) . I exchange the soil every 2-3 years. (I exchanged soil a few weeks ago.)

@ng: I only add milk in the pitchers then they just opened. Sometimes if a think that I added to less milk in one pitcher I add milk a second time.

PS:sorry for my orthography mistakes.

Axel Faix
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How much milk do you add? 2 teaspoons??
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I think he said that it was just a few drop somewhere earlier in the thread.

Not trying to de-rail the subject but what is that Nep growing above the tank?

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I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had a plant like that! Is the moss in the terrarium green or sphagnum?
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Just wondering if anyone knows.......where can you find a pitcher plant like that?
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N. rajah? I think Tony has them but they won't be anything close to that size.
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Am I allowed to say a place that has them?
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If you know of someone who has larger size rajahs available please PM me!
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It should be okay and if it isn't then Phil and Jeff can spank me for saying it was alright.

I'd still try Tony first
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Phil and Jeff don't care as long as your not a grower coming to hock your wares... and even then, i believe people like tony have permission to reply if they have something and petflytrap doesnt.
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Tristans Carnivorous Plants may have them in stock........I happen to like them..... There owned by Kim.( I don't know if you you've seen him here on the forum, but he posts once in a while)
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Yes go with Tony. He has nice sized Rajah. About as big as mine. 5 inches+ diameter. Any other places usually will have them smaller and at a higher price. So go with Tony first!