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My 6 years old N.rajah

  • Thread starter Axel Faix
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I want to you  show my 6 years old N.rajah:


axel faix

(I changed the link so it will load the picture.. T)
Thats a very nice plant you have there! How big is your plant.
Hi together,

don't wonder about the picture's URL, I only provided the webspace. I wish it would be my plant.

The most amazing thing is, that Axel cultivates his wonderful plant without any spezial treatment. He grows it under a 100 W incandescent (!) bulb in a terrarium next to a south facing window where it does not recieve direct sunlight.

Temperature is 25-30°C during the day, during night temperature drops because of the open window. (German nights are usually relativly cold, except during the hottest weeks in summer )

In my opinion an excellent excample how you can grow highland Nepenthes without "high technologie".

Can someone move it to the Nepenthes forum, please ?

moving to the Nepenthes forum!

Beautiful Plant Axel.  Can you give us some idea on size when you got it.  Current size of the plant and pitchers.  Martin touched on the culture but I would also like to hear anything you have to add! Welcome to the forums as well!
Wow, that is a beautiful plant! I like how the vine does not come out of the end of the leaf, but a little before the end. Have you caught any rodents in it?
Nice N. Rajah you got there, Axel Faix!!!
That is awsum... I"m speachless, hehe...
...I....I...I.... am speechless also!! You're my hero! lol.
That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any secrets? I would love for you to see fi I have any faults in my Rajah setup and environmental conditions. Great Plant, great job! Let's see it in 12 years!
URGE to KILL rising...AGAIN! Oh man, dont stop till you get enough! Man, too big, i luv it! Luv the redness. Nep, i bet ur drooling!
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Wow...thats just beautiful! Wonderful plant and pics.

Welcome to the forums, Axel.
Thanks for sharing the pics (and to Martin too). Not too often you see n. Rajah pics.

Its too bad they are so hard find and so expensive. I'd love to have one myself but maybe ONE day...

Great job on those plants!

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thank you for all your comments. I got this plant in the year 1999 (but i´m not sure).At this time the plant had a diameter of 4 centimeter. I fertilize my plant only with milk. And if the weather is hot, I open the terrarium in the evening to cool down the warm air. After that, I sprinkle the plant with water.

I hope I could help you. If you have further questions you can contact me.

Axel Faix
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WOW! how do you use milk as a fertilizer if I might ask?
And also, what is the light your using on your Rajah? It looks like a spot lamp or heat lamp to me.
And how large is your plant and pitchers? Thanks! I would love to hear how you fertilze it! Thanks!
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NG Martins first post tells you about the lighting the plant is under.
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If a new pitcher opens, i put a few drops of milk in.I think it works.The whole plant has an diameter of about 45 cm.The leaves are about 20 cm long and 9 cm wide. The pitchers are about 10 cm long and have an diameter of about 4.5 cm (like a banana).
The plant has expel a sprout (correct word?) with an diameter of 5-6 cm.

Axel Faix
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If you don't mind my asking, as a former military brat who's parents were stationed in germany for several years, I know that german milk can and usually is a LOT thicker than what US citizens are used to, our 'fatest' milk is 4% milkfat...

My wife (also a military brat) remembers German milk being more like creme?

So can you describe the milk your using?
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bananas vary in size greatly, .....
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but 4.5cm don´t

a banana was a bad comparison.

The milk I use includes 3.8% milkfat.

Axel Faix
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Awsome Job you guys,
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That's amazing (bet you've read that before)!

I think I'm gonna try your milk trick on a couple of my plants and see how it goes!