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Mutant apple seedling?

I recently planted some apple seeds and they all sprouted exept that one was different. I noticed even before the seed leaves were open that that stem of the seed was red. I thought this might be a mutation that had to do with Chlorophyll, but just to be sure I waited until the first true leaves had appeared. And sure enough they were red too.
I know the plant has some chlorophyll because the red color fades to green where the leaves meet the stem.

If you have seen this before or have any idea about special requirements for a plant like this, tell me.

I had a pink leaved lychee nut plant before, it just grew more slowly then the typical plant. I presume you'd need to give it high intensity light because the red pigment will reflect all the high-energy red light that the chlophyll generally absorbs.

i have a litchi nut i grew from seed with heart shaped leaves.
What's a lychee nut plant and where can I get one because that plant seems to be more sensitive to mutagens?

Or is it just a coincidence.