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Mostly Nepenthes different species, some seed attempts as well.

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I'm growing currently about 30 nepenthes have to get an exact number and some seed attempts as well first time on that so..

My nepenthes are :

N. Ventricosa (of course) had almost 2 years.
N. Sanguinea - about a year and a half
N. Burkei - 1 year ish
N. DeRoose 'Alata'- 2 years
N. Talangensis x Gladulifera -1 year
N. Spectabilis x Mira - 1 year
N. Dubia - 1 year
N. Rafflesiana x Sibuyaensis 'Suki' - 1 and half years

All these others I've had under probably 2 months and they are all still pretty small but at least 3 inches around in diameter if not more -

N. Truncata (Paisan)
N. Bicalcarata (Red Flush)
N. Bicalcarata (Brunei Orange)
N. Robcantleyi x veitchii (My personal favorite)
N. Rajah
N. Lowii (Trus Madi)
N. Singalana 'Belirang'
N. Hamata x sibuyaensis
N. Jamban
N. Jaquelineae
N. Dactylifera (Formerly Fusca 'Sarawak')
N. Epphiatta (No idea if I spelled that right)
N. Mira
N. Izumiae
N. Aristocoliodes x Spectabilis
N. Glandulifera
N. Burbidgae
N. Sanguinea x Veitchii
N. "Fancy Tapestry" - (Zakriana x Tiveyi)
N. "Secret Doom" - Sanguinea x (Robcantleyi x Densiflora)
N. "Jolly Victory" - (''Jungle Bells'' x Ventricosa)

And growing by seed -
N. Truncata - 2 post
N. Edwardsiana (I know, difficult)
N. Marcophylla (Same)
N. Mikei
N. 'Dairi' SP

To make a note I had a N. Burbidgae x Platychila that this small dog I had once called chewy, yeah, chewed it up x( and I also had a N. Veitchii x Lowii) x spectabilis 'Giant' that I'm not sure why when I moved it's the only one that died. It got all shriveled and never recovered.

I also have one Cephalotus Follicularis 'Agnes' growing.

And that's all thanks for reading my list. Would like to see all the others that everybody has!! And any comments or question on my plants are welcome as well.