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More vft questions

Can they absorb sunlight through a this plastic cup over them?

Can they absorb artificial heat?

thanks for rteplues
yes they will get the light if they have a clear plastic cover over them. They like heat too, not too warm, but I don't think it will be able to tell the difference between real heat and artificial heat.

Just make sure it is not real dry heat, try to keep the humidity up around the plant, my humidity is usually around 80-90 percent around my plants. I usually take the plastic cover off of the VFT, but if it's real dry where you are then it might be a good idea to leave the cover on. By setting it in a pot of water will increase humidity. Or misting the plant Lightly once in a while.

I hope this helped
Good luck with your plants
You may be able to get your plants used to low humidity.  I have grown mine outside during the summer for several years and they are doing great
!  They need to be adjusted slowly to give the leaves time to toughen up.  I can't say what my lowest or highest humidity were, as my hygrometer would only give me HI or LOW when the humidity got above 90% or below 20%.  It swung from HI at night to Low at late afternoon on a daily basis most of the summer.

Hi Venuskid

Welcome to the forums!

I'd recommend ditching the plastic cover. That is mainly for shipping protection purposes. VFTs do not need high humidity. They are not tropical plants--they are native to North Carolina.
Unless you live in a very arid area, humidity shouldn't be an issue. Normally, keeping the soil wet (PURE water) and having it sit in a tray or saucer of water provides enough humidity. Indoors, humidity that is comfortable for you is comfortable for your plant.

If you keep the cover on your plant, it will eventually either fry (if its in the sun) or rot. VFTs need air circulation to prevent mold and fungus. Since your plant has had that cover on, I'd remove it gradually. Loosen it and let air get in from the bottom. Maybe raise it a bit every day for several days until is acclimated to a lower humidity.

My VFTs are all outdoors in trays and in the sun and they do fine. They have good water, sun, warmth and fresh, moving air. They are quite happy.