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Mom's first orchid

today, mom decided that she would try to grow an orchid. it wason the discount table, and isn't in bloom. the tag in the pot says it's a "p. lyric serenade x p. abendrot". i'm assuming that it is a phal., hence the "p.", and by comparing the leafs to the other, known phals. at the garden center.
does anyone have any experence with this orchid? any growing tips?

tech, i have a couple of them. water it once a week tap water will be ok for an orchid. keep it in a shady area and let sun light get to it in the morning.
thanks, george! i called mom and told her what you said. what should we do with the flower spike (the spike is there,but the flowers are gone)? cut it at the first "knuckle"?

thanks again!
cut t about four or five knuckles up... this will make it send out another set of flowers from the old spike...
Parasuco, i try that myself the as soon as one of my phal. drops all of its flowers. i usally cut it off at the very bottom. so i will try your advice to see what happens.
Don't give up on it ever. If it doenst wanna make more flowers, it will crust up and turn brown, the whole spike i mean... if its still green, theres still a chance of it working.
Oh, man...even if it's a brown stick, keep watering it! I had one that became a semi-pliable brown stick, so I used it for staking. A few months later, a bit of leaf starting growing out of the top tip!
i don't remember what the condition of the spike was.  i'm going down to her house on wednesday.  i'll check it out then.  the leaves looked healthy, though, so i'm sure it will flower again.  that's when the fun begins...  maybe i can get her into cp's!

also, when you cut the spike, don't your have to sterilize the blade?