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Ok.. I have been fighting this stuff for a month now. It only occurs in 3 pots of Utrics and it keeps coming back. I've plucked and scraped it off numerous times.. any suggestions?
from just looking at your set up in the other topic. you might want to leave it open to the air. if that doesn't to the trick spray it down

Whenever I get that kind of mold, I find there's only one thing that can work, and that's repotting. Open air, fungicides, and manual removal seem worthless against it, in my experience.

Just remove as much of your plants as you can without including anything near that mold. (stay at least an inch away from it, even more would be better)The less soil you bring along to the new pot, the better too. You might want to rinse away all soil traces before adding it to the new pot.

Take care!

It isn't mold, it is a shet algea. I get it in my plants alot, best thing to do is to pluck as much away as you can, mist daily and drop the light level a bit. The misting leaches away micro-butrients that it is living off of and the drop in light level inhibits its photosyntesis reactions.
Like the others have said. Repot the plant, maybe give it better air circulation, then give the soil surface a good spraying every day for the first few weeks.

I have had trouble with this stuff before, and this method does a pretty good job of keeping it under control.
It's back already..
then your best bet is to take it out of the soil wash it down to get all the old soil out of it then repot it into fresh mix.
That's what I did.. and it's back.. this is really bugging me
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I know that mold. It always happens in my 'new' pots...

Its bad and dangerous, but i squirt all my mold with benomyl... Be careful though... Wash heftily afterwords.
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hmmm... you should seperate it from the other utrics so it doesn't spread. try taking the last inch of bladders and try to grow that, and throw away the rest, or send them to me.
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might be in the soil that you are useing
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I had that problem with U. Tricolor, but planting it in my terrarium as that problem never came back. I tried sumberging the plant under the water as it stopped but taking it out and planted in my tank. It's really annoying to puck out the algea especially its around ur plants completely.