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Mold on utricularia flower stalks

Hi All,

I have a question concerning a moldy growth that appeared on my u. bisquamata flower stalks a few days ago. The base of the stems seem a little soft, and are darker green than in the healthy state. Most of the stem is covered by a white fuzz, as shown below. The flowers continue to bloom several days later, though with seemingly smaller flowers. The plants are growing outdoors in a moist soil substrate and low humidity.

Any ideas as to what exactly this is, what it is caused by and how I can aleviate this condition? I don't think it's mildew, because of the low humidity. I doubts slime mold, since the flower stalks (at least the tops thereof) seem to be surviving. Any ideas?


thanks in advance,

Is it powdery?
I'd remove infected staulks, or mist them with rubbing alcohal and hope the staulks don't burn (I've only had very young seelings get rubbing alcohal burn, but you never know)