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mold on the traps during dormancy



I'm a new VFT owner... I live in Australia and we're just heading into Spring.  I used the refrigerator method for dormancy and I've noticed tiny bits of a thin brown/white hairy mold on the traps.  I used a fungicide before putting them in dormancy, but maybe not enough?  Most of the plants are still green.  Are the molded ones ruined, or should I just trim the moldy bits off?  Sheesh, I really wish I knew what I was doing.  I've read as much as I can on dormancy and stuff, but never find the answers to my questions...


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Jun 7, 2002
I live in Chaffee County, Colorado, USA
Hi Jamieanne,
If the center growth of the VFT is still healthy your plants should recover. You can try wiping off the mold and cutting off the dead leaves and traps and another fungicide treatment would be good, too. The fungus will always be a problem when you have your plants in a cold, dark, damp place (like the fridge) so it's a good idea to check your plants during dormancy, to make sure fungus hasn't started growing. Fungicide doesn't always kill all the fungus but it does slow it down.

Assuming the crown of the plant is healthy the leaves and traps will eventually be replaced by new ones.

And it sounds like you had a good idea of what you were doing, but it's hard to second guess Mother Nature 100% of the time.

Best wishes