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Misting outdoors

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Does anyone know an affordable way to setup an automatic misting system outdoors? It would just be for a small patio.
I do! I do!

I'm a landscape contractor, and hooking up irrigation systems is what I do all day. If you have an electrical plug and a source of water and a budget of 150 dollars we can get started. If you're in a state that has a Green Mark wholesalers I can probably arrainge for you to use my account which will save you about 50% on parts.
That would work but you could also make the system out of cheap misting parts from home depot, and then use one of those cheap garden hose sprinkler timers from walmart to turn it on and off. Not as nice as Tim's suggestion but cheaper.

Thanks for the offer Tim. Yeah, whatever is the cheapest and works is ok for me. I'll go to some home improvement stores this weekend and see what I can do. I'll keep your offer in mind Tim
. Thanks.
hook a hose and sprinkler up to the sink?  
ofcourse if you are watering CPs this is a horrible idea

Actually it is a horrible idea never mind
Hmm, I was thinking regular tap water wouldn't be too bad for nepenthes if it's just to wet the foliage. I could be wrong though.