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Mismo seeds

i just received some mismo seeds. anyone know how to germinate them?

Ahh cool, you got your seeds! (Mimosa btw...

I had the same trouble at first. Here's what ended up working:

Put the seeds in a plastic tupperware container with hot water (not boiling). These plants can take regular houseplant treatment in the sense that you can use regular tap water, plant foods and fertilizers with them.

But anyway, I put a few of each in the container of hot water and covered it, left in for a few days (if your terrarium is warm, or the weather is nice and warm, it may move the process along if the container is kept a little warmer). After a few days you may see some of the seeds swell, they are probably ready to plant. I waited until they actually split and started to shoot root, but I don't think you HAVE to do that, I just happened to leave them that long! That may take up to 2 weeks.

Regular potting soil with some root hormone if you'd like, and once you get a shoot maybe just use plant food. They can take up to 2 months from seed to first shoot.

I don't think they are any more finicky about humidity and light than any other typical house plant which makes them easy. But all plants appreciate the light and whatnot, and of course will usually grow better/faster. I have put the seedling in my terrarium currently in a 4 inch pot until it outgrows it, then I'll transplant into a larger pot and probably take it out of the terrairum.