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Minimun soil depth.


I'm a newbe here. I did some reading on soil compositions but what about soil depth? I have a small 2.5g tank that's about 7in. high and I would like to put my vft in there. I would like to have some head space so the heat from the pc's don't scorch the plant. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Aloha, ideally 6 or 8 inches of soil depth would be best for your plant which in your case, would not give you the head-room that you want. A container with drain holes setting a tray or saucer will lessen root rot problems. There might be a way to suspend your light 10 or so inches above the plants.

Thanks alandallas. I didn't expect it to be that deep. Well thanks for the info.

I have grown VFT, sundews, and pitcher plants in soil depth of 3 inches without much problems. Most CP do not have a very extensive root system and really does not require a 6-8 inches of soil. I do however believe that the deeper the soil, the better for the plant.

Your 7 inch container is a good start.
Thanks WayCool. I was going to try it with a soil depth of 2-3in. just to see if it'll survive. I'll keep you updated on it's progress. Thanks.