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Might need to drown my VFT

There are these white dandruff, fuzzy looking things on my vft and im wondering what they were. They use to be on my cape sundew and I think they wind might of blown them to my VFT. Now its personal. I want to kill every one of them. Should I drown these suckers? IF so, how long?
Hi SativaKing

What size are these bugs? If they are kinda fluffy looking it might be mealy bugs. You can do a search for mealy bugs and see if it looks like yours. Also you could try a search for just "plant pests" in general and see if anything else looks like them. If there are only a few, I'd try handpicking them off first and then spraying your plant with soapy water. Soapy water often will work on pests without having to go for chemicals. You could try drowning them but who knows how long it would take that particular bug to die.

Just some suggestions. :)

If the new traps on your plants are growing twisted and deformed than they are aphids. I had some of these attack my common vft and they did some serious damage. I use Ortho Rose and Flower Insect Killer with no side effects to my plants at all. I find it much easier and quicker than keeping my plants underwater.