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Midwestern VFT

I have 2 VFT's which I've kept outdoors all summer. They've grown many new traps. Throughout the summer some have turned black & I've cut them off. I've never transplanted them yet. My questions are several of the traps are turning black and they've stopped eating. Is my plant showing signs of dormancy this early? Should I start bringing it in to reduce it's sunlight intake? They get plenty of flies crawling all over them but they don't close on them. Why's that? I water them daily. I'm still getting new traps. I don't understand what's going on. I can't believe I'm this concerned about 2 plants. I don't want to lose them.
Well, first off...Welcome to the forums! And yes, believe it you are getting sucked into the "auw phase of CP's". Many people have bought Cp's and since then can not get enough of them

Were do you live? Your traps could be going into dormancy early (around Sept. I bring mine in the house next to a window). Since I live in MI fall can be cold enough to start the dormancy phase. I would bring them in the house and take care of them. Then around Nov or so start putting them to sleep (gradually).

The reason why your flytrap is slow is two of the reasons:
1. It is an old trap and ready to die
2. It is cold out and the traps do not respond so quickly. It will take them a while before the traps will start to move again (depends on the temp in which they are coming out of).
I would not start the dormancy stage yet it is a still early. You can start reducing the light now if you want but I would wait until dormancy is around the corner. Every one has there own method on what to do as you will see
. Just pick the one you like the best.

Thanks Travis. You have answered my questions clearly enough that I now have a better idea what's going on with my "Von Trap" family. I live in Chicago and it' is starting to cool down. I'll bring them in and slowly put them in dormancy. I hope that means they start turning brown/black, right?