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Microscope Nepenthes

So in my Plant Anatomy lab I got bored and decided to section a dark Maxima, here are the images that I took some don't have great resolution but I thought it was cool.
Section of the peristome with some interesting shaped cells with a wax layer.

A section of the outside of the pitcher, TONS of stomates that I couldn't quite get into focus

Some glands taht were on the inside of the pitcher under a polarized lens.
By no means am I trying to steal your thread but I thought you might enjoy this collage using microscope images such as this *link* :) I love your photos too! Especially the one of the glands. What magnification was that?
Hey thanks! I believe the magnification is either 100 or 400 times, I'll have to look when I get back to the lab. I really thought it was cool to see the specialization of those peristome cells and the glands inside the pitcher.
I'm not sure how in depth or how long you looked at these slides but if you ever really set some time aside to look at all the different parts of the pitcher the difference between every small sample is amazing!!!! You can get a whole new array of patterns, colors and cellular arrangements just by moving the slide over one viewing window or by looking at the outside of a pitcher wall compared to the inside. I think everyone growing these wonderful plants should have that experience :-D