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Mexican pings

i have a p.giganta, and p.ehlersiae. i was wondering how cold they can live through. i live here in atlanta and it gets in the 20s in the winter.

My understanding is that they may not survive exposure to temperatures below freezing, perhaps not even temps below 45F.
One thing I learned from an idiot roomate last year, is that, in a blizzard (upper 20's) with an open window, mexican butterworts, even those five feet away from the window under a light, in a closed terrarium, can die within MINUTES. Rotundiflora, surprisingly, lost only a flower stalk, and an agnata managed to keep a leaf and recover, but that's all that survived.
Most of the Mexican Pings I grow are quite happy with a minimum temp. of about 45F (7C), P. gigantea seems to like it a bit warmer; min. temp. no less than 50F. I lost a beautiful gigantea last year at 45F all the other species I grow survived in the same conditions. My other giganteas were fine a little warmer on a cool windowsill.